Why Cary, NC is the Fastest Growing City in America

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 For many years, the Triangle has seen enormous growth in popularity due to reasons such as reasonable real estate prices, excellent school districts, higher education, and most of all, the high demand for qualified workers from many employers in the area. The Triangle region comprises of the larger cities of Raleigh and Durham, but many families who immigrate to the Triangle flock to the suburb of Cary. Here are the many reasons why so many who move to the Triangle congregate to this great town.

                One primary reason people come to this region of North Carolina is because it is a massive hub for jobs in constantly growing industries, most notably in medical research and technology. Many international companies are located within the area such as IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, and GE. The region also hosts some of the most distinguished healthcare systems, containing nationally-recognized hospitals and medical colleges. Fueling many of these elite companies are the graduates of the regions internationally-acclaimed universities, including UNC, NC State, and Duke University. It is not rare for many of these students to stay in the region after graduation while pursuing a graduate degree or being recruited to satisfy the ever-growing need for professionals in these bustling industries.

                As the medical research and technology industries are growing larger in the famous North Carolina region, many newcomers or post-graduate settlers struggle to find a place where they can raise a family with an easy commute to either the cities of Raleigh and Durham or to Research Triangle Park. Cary is widely considered to be the suburb with the easiest commutes into these cities, with its convenient positioning near major highways and roads such as I-40 and Chapel Hill Road. With local county governments investing in projects to improve infrastructure starting this year, no commute is too long or traffic-heavy for any Cary resident.

                To many locals, Cary is mostly known as a commuter town with few attractions. However, there is plenty to do within Cary that makes this town the place to be during the summer season. Downtown Cary has been known all across North Carolina as a hub for food trucks, where over 20 food trucks come together to offer wide ranges of menu items, from local favorites to international delights. Regency Park on Symphony Lake is also home to Koka Booth Amphitheatre. The venue hosts numerous events for all ages throughout the summer including concerts, Movies by Moonlight, and it also serves as the home of the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Series, which is a can’t-miss event for most Cary residents. The Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival, which is held at Town Hall every August, is a festival where residents come together and celebrate food, art, and the final days of summer, with as many as 80,000 attendees in recent years. Come see what all the recent buzz is about and see why Cary is one of the hottest towns in America.

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